How to Choose a Niche for your Blog?

Niche is something that plays an important role in blogging. When you think of blogging, the first question which should come into your mind should be Niche. Niche is the area of specialization in your blog.

For example, SEO is a niche in Digital Marketing Space, If I have knowledge of SEO, I can share it with others through my blog.


Do you know, why do someone start a blog? or,

Why do one start writing about any topic?

The answer is to share their knowledge.

And, knowledge either comes from experience or reading.

If you don’t have the required experience (true for most of the cases), then the first option is to start gaining knowledge with the help of books. Start reading books in your area of interest. Watch videos of subject matter expert. Read the content available online on the internet & then experiment with your knowledge and try to find something new.

Let’s take an example of an SEO Professional,

If an SEO Professional wants to write about SEO, either he should have years of experience in SEO. Otherwise, he must learn it first, experiment with it & then write something based on his experience.

Therefore, I believe that one should only start a blog if he/she possesses the knowledge to share with others.

So, what if you don’t have the knowledge?

What if you just want to learn SEO?

In that case, I would suggest you to help someone you know. Help them to set up their website, do keyword research for them & help them in every manner possible. Ask them to write content & do whatever required of them. This way, you will be learning SEO & he/she will be sharing his knowledge with everyone else on the Internet.

Hence, to conclude this article I would say, one should always choose a niche in which he/she is a subject matter expert. Or, if you just want to learn SEO, then you should help subject matter experts with your knowledge of SEO.

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