What are SEO Breadcrumbs?

SEO Breadcrumbs

You must have seen a section above the Heading or Title of a page attributing to the path taken by you to reach the page.

It looks something like as shown in the image below:

SEO Breadcrumbs

If you are new to SEO & Digital Marketing world, then you would be really confused after seeing “SEO Breadcrumb” for the first time & lots of questions must have popped up into your head such as:

  1. What is this section that is attributing the path of the page?
  2. What are the uses of Breadcrumb?
  3. It is really required for the website.
  4. Does it have any benefits for the website?

But if you are familiar with SEO, then you would be thinking about the SEO benefits of Breadcrumb.

Well, in this article, I am going to clear all your doubts and explain you clearly all about SEO Breadcrumbs and will guide you step-by-step on how to implement SEO Breadcrumbs on your WordPress Blog.

So, let’s get started!

What are SEO Breadcrumbs?

SEO Breadcrumb is a section (normally found above or below the page heading or page title) attributing to the location of the page in the website or attributing to the path taken by the user to reach the specific page in the website.

Now, you must be wondering:

“Why exactly SEO Breadcrumbs are located above or below the Page Title?”

The single reason for placing SEO breadcrumbs above or below the Page Title is to increase the visibility of the SEO breadcrumb.

Or you can say to make it easy for the visitors to find SEO breadcrumbs.

Now, the question arises:

Why website owners want you easily find the SEO Breadcrumbs? Or

Why SEO Breadcrumb is so important for a website owner?

To answer the above 2 question, we must understand the use of SEO Breadcrumb.

Uses of SEO Breadcrumb in a website

SEO Breadcrumb is used for the following purpose on website:

  • Easy Navigation for users: Breadcrumbs helps a website user to easily navigate into the website from one page to another. Breadcrumbs not only help you trace the path to the page you have landed but also helps in understanding the structure of the website for the users.
  • Better Understanding of Website Structure for Search Engines: Having a defined breadcrumb structure not only helps humans but also search engines. Search engines can easily understand the structure of a website if SEO Breadcrumb is implemented properly on the website.

Now you must be wondering!

Are these SEO Breadcrumbs being of different types or they are same for everyone?

Yes, SEO Breadcrumbs can be of different types.

What are the Different Types of SEO Breadcrumbs?

SEO Breadcrumbs can be categorized according to:

Visibility: SEO Breadcrumbs can be mainly of 2 types according to their visibility.

  • Website SEO Breadcrumb or
  • Search Engine SEO Breadcrumb

Website SEO Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs which are visible on the website to the users are called as Website SEO Breadcrumbs. It can be of 2 types:

  • Static
  • Dynamic

What exactly are “Static Breadcrumbs”?

A Breadcrumb whose structure is fixed does not change according to the steps taken the user to reach a specific page is called as Static Breadcrumb.

Types of Static Breadcrumbs:

  • Location-based breadcrumb: This type of Breadcrumb shows, where user is present according to the site hierarchy or website hierarchy.
  • Attribute Based Breadcrumb: This type of breadcrumb is normally found in the e-commerce websites. In an e-commerce website, products often have various attributed along with the product category. These attributes help users filter down the product search according to the attributes.

What Are “Dynamic SEO Breadcrumbs”?

Dynamic SEO Breadcrumbs are the ones which are generated automatically in accordance with the pages visited by the visitor and create new breadcrumbs as the visitors move to another page on the website. Although, this type of practice is not followed nowadays you can rarely see it on any website.

Let us now discuss about the other type of Breadcrumb which are visible in Search Engine Results.

What are Search Engine SEO Breadcrumbs?

Search Engine SEO Breadcrumbs are the structured URL’s visible in Search Engine Results. It looks something as shown in the image below:

search engine breadcrumbs

This takes us now to another important sub-topic.

How exactly SEO Breadcrumbs help in SEO?

Now when you have understood, what SEO Breadcrumbs are?

You must be thinking:

How SEO Breadcrumbs can help me improve SEO for my website?

The answer is very simple,

If I must describe it in one word, I would say Interlinking.

Yes, it helps improve the SEO Interlinking on the website and that’s how it helps a website rank better in search engines.

And if you ask for another reason to implement SEO Breadcrumbs, then I would say it reduces the bounce rate of the website. And according to the Brian Dean also, Google Rank Brain includes Bounce Rate as one the factors in ranking a website in Search Engines.

Let us now, check out some of the website which have implemented the SEO Breadcrumbs in the best ways possible.

What are some good websites for SEO Breadcrumbs examples?

One of the websites I came across while working on SEO for one of my Real-estate clients is 99acres.com.


99acres.com is a property portal established in 2005. Due to the nature of the website, it is very necessary for them to use SEO Breadcrumbs to help the users navigate easily on the website and on the other hand increase Interlinking in the website.

99acres.com is one the best examples I came across till now.

Due to the proper structuring & navigation, 99acres.com ranks on the top for many real estate related keywords in India.

A quick observation of the website reveals the following facts:

  • 99acres.com has listed down the real estate projects for around 50 cities in India
  • SEO Breadcrumbs are arranged according to the City and then localities
  • It ranks on the Top 3 positions for around 1,32,374 keywords

As you can see, a well optimized website performs better in Google Search Engine. Therefore, you can also use breadcrumbs to optimize your website and rank for more keywords in Google Search Engine.

What are the Best practices for implementing SEO Breadcrumbs?

Following are the best practices and points which should be kept in mind while implementing SEO Breadcrumb on a website: –

  • Elements in a SEO Breadcrumb should be clickable

As you can see in the above image all the elements in the SEO Breadcrumb is clickable and takes the website visitor to the respective pages.

  • Use Keywords in SEO Breadcrumbs: If possible, always try to use Keywords in SEO Breadcrumbs which will ultimately help in better SEO Interlinking in the website.
  • Always use Static Breadcrumbs and implement breadcrumbs according to the nature of the website.
  • Give equal importance to Search Engine Breadcrumbs as well as Website Breadcrumbs
  • SEO Breadcrumbs should be easily visible and accessible to the website visitors


If you will follow all the above best practices on your website also, it will help you rank higher on search engines & provide better user experience for website visitors.

How to implement SEO Breadcrumbs on the website?

If you are using a WordPress Website, then it really depends on the Theme you are using. Some of the theme offers this functionality while some do not.

If you are using Astra WordPress Theme, then you are in luck because this is the only Free Theme, I came across till now which is offering SEO Breadcrumbs within the theme.

Follow the following steps to implement the SEO Breadcrumbs in Astra WordPress Theme:

  • Login to the dashboard of the WordPress Website
  • Navigate to Customize from the backend (Appearance >> Customize)
  • Select Layout Option in Customizer Settings
  • Select Breadcrumb option inside Layout
  • Choose, Breadcrumb position from this menu
  • Publish the changes

How to implement SEO Breadcrumbs for Search Engines results with the help of Yoast SEO?

Implementing SEO Breadcrumbs for Search Engine results is a 2 min task. Just follow these steps and you are good to go: (Please install & Setup Yoast SEO before following the below steps)

  • Login to the backend of the WordPress website
  • Inside SEO Option in WordPress Backend on the left side bar, look for “Search Appearance” option and click on it.
  • Enable Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs and save the changes.
  • Your search engine results will now include breadcrumbs in url.

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Were you able to implement Breadcrumbs for your own website?

Now, it’s your turn to implement the breadcrumbs on the website as well as for Search Engine Results. Do let me know, how hard it was for you implement SEO Breadcrumbs after reading this guide.

Was I able to help you?

I am very curious to know, whether I was able to help you or not. Don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below!

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