Local SEO Case Study: 5x Lead Generation in just 3 months

Local SEO Case Study

Local SEO can make or break a business.

If done correctly, it will flood your business with leads and if not done correctly, it can result in a draught.

If you follow the same strategy as mentioned in this local SEO case study which I have followed for 3 months, I am sure you will be able to increase your business by more than double in less than just 2 months.

How it all started?

For the past 3 months, I was working for a local business in Bangalore. It is a training institute in Bangalore that is located in Marathahalli.

They have contacted me after checking out my website & were hoping for some SEO Expert in Bangalore to help them grow their business. I followed up with them and after 1 meeting, they have decided to give me a try.

Condition at the time of Joining

At the time, when I had joined the Institute as Digital Marketing Freelancer, it was barely getting any leads.

All the inquiries they were are getting were either from direct walkins or from Just dial.

Just Dial Inquiries are mostly general inquiries, only some of these students were actually interested and wanted to take demo class.

They had one website but it was not optimized to rank on search engines.

They had created a Google My Business profile, but it was not optimized to rank for local searches.

Local SEO Strategy

After joining them, my first task was to define the local SEO strategy for them. For the first 3 months, I have included the following tasks in my list:

  • Optimizing Google MyBusiness profile
  • Create a new website in WordPress
  • Participate in quora.com
  • Hosting relevant events on eventbrite.com
  • Running Google Ads
  • Running Facebook Ads

How I have optimized their Google MyBusiness Profile?

First of all, I would like to show you how my client’s account performed in the last quarter. Below are some of the images:

As it clear from the image, this account has performed well with time and photo views are exceptionally better than other similar businesses. Let’s find out the steps that you need to take for achieving the same results or better results for your own business.


There are many things one can optimize in their Google My Business profile, but the most important is the name. You should always use your company name in your Google MyBusiness name.

Other than business name, you can also optimize the following:

  • Business listing category
  • Google My Business description
  • Number of reviews
  • Correct mobile number (as used in the website)
  • Correct address (as used in the website)
  • Posting original pictures
  • Posting offers from time to time

After optimizing their Google My Business profile, it got an instant boost and calls started coming for various courses they were offering.

After optimizing their business listing, I moved to the 2nd task and started working on the website part.

How to Optimize a Website for Local Business?

Before diving into how you can optimize the website. Let’s first look at how my client’s website has performed in the last 2 months.

Website Performance
Website Performance

It is clear from the image above, traffic has increased by 174% in & leads have increased by more than 100% in July in comparison to June month of 2019.


There are only a few factors which one needs to keep in their mind while optimizing their website for local business:

  • Use the same contact information as used in the Google MyBusiness profile
  • Use local keywords on the website (in Meta Title, Meta Description, H1 heading, and Content)
  • Link to your Google Map or embed Google Map on your website

Ask for Reviews on Google Maps

If a student or customer is happy with your training/service, chances are that he/she can write a google review for you also.

Asking for writing google reviews can significantly boost your business’s visibility and can help other’s decisions while searching for the best institute/service provider.

Here’s a fact:

Google takes into account the number of reviews and reviews score while ranking a Google MyBusiness in Google search engine.

Participate in Quora discussions

Quora is a high authority discussion website. One can easily ask their questions and also answer the questions they know about.

Here’s a fact:

Quora ranks for many local keywords in the Google search engine and it gets an immense amount of traffic due to its popularity.

One can answer the relevant question to their business and increase brand awareness for their business and get referral traffic also.

Below is a screenshot of my profile which shows proves that Quora answers get a lot of views and exposure:

My Quora Profile Stats
My Quora Profile Stats

As you can see in the image above, my answers have got 274K views till now. Just think, how much these answers have influenced others while researching for any service or institute.

Quora is not just helping brands get more brand awareness but also helping them rank better in search engines. Linking to your website from Quora answers can significantly boost your search engine rankings.

Host Events for more eyeballs!

Hosting events is not that hard.

Nowadays, anyone can host events be it an Institute, businesses or influencer. All you need is a website to help you spread the details about your event to people searching for such events.

Believe me:

Hosting events for attracting local people can surely give your business a good boost.

Below I am attaching an image to prove what I have said before:

One event that I have hosted for my client has got him 2 admissions for his institute. Out of 30 tickets, 13 tickets were sold in just 1 week.

Websites like Eventbrite are really making hosting events easy for us. Eventbrite is surely is the best website for hosting events online & offline.

Run Ads for your Business

Running ads for local keywords can significantly boost your conversions and help you grow your business fast.

In my case, I have suggested my client spending money on only 2 types of ads:

In his case, Both were performing good but facebook ads were way cheaper than Google Ads. Although the quality of leads was better for Google Ads.


According to me, both facebook & google ads perform well for local businesses and one should use both for getting more leads for their businesses.


To summarize, here are the most important Local SEO factors in 2019:

  • Use of Real Brand Name in Google My Business listing name
  • Selection of best-suited category for a business listing
  • Consistent NAP (Name, address & phone across business listing & website)

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which Local SEO ranking factor from this list was new to you?

Or maybe I missed something.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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