About - Atul Jaiswal

Who Am I

My name is Atul Jaiswal. I am an SEO Professional in Bangalore with 1.5 years experience. I have worked on 10+ projects till now.

My Mission

To leverage the best SEO Techniques to help businesses grow with Digital Marketing in India.

What I Do

I work closely with business and help to leverage Digital Marketing to get more leads & increase Brand Awareness.

My History

After completing my B.E in Civil Engineering. I was also preparing for GATE like others and working full-time as Data Entry Operator. I had one friend in the same office working in the Digital Marketing Department & from there i got my interest in Digital Marketing.

I left my job after 5-6 months because a Data Entry Operator has not a much of Good Future. After leaving this job, I started Enrolled for Digital Marketing Course at Techstack Institute in New Delhi. Here, I learnt the basics of Digital Marketing.

Along with the Digital Marketing Course, I started reading blogs of some of the most famous Digital Marketers Brian Dean & Neil Patel. Started my own blog in 2017 on Construction & applied Digital Marketing techniques on this blog.

My blog was doing well in 2017 as I have written most of the blogs at that time only. After that I applied for jobs & hopefully got a job in a startup named CSG Analytics.

At CSG Analytics, I have taken all the responsibilities from Website Creation to doing SEO for the website. After 4-5 months, the website started ranking well on the google search and with time it still is getting a lot of traffic from Search Engines organically.

Along with my job, I have worked on several other websites also. One of them was IND MED Travel’s company website. IND MED Travel is mainly into Medical Tourism in India market. They wanted to attract patients from countries such as United States.

I was given the responsibility to create their website and rank their website in US on their targeted traffic and generate leads for their company. It took me 7 months to rank this website in US they had no content writer and I was the only one who was doing everything for their website.

After completing my 1 year at CSG Analytics in New Delhi, I decided to move to Bangalore and find job in Bangalore. So currently, I am working as full-time SEO Project Manager at Ralecon. Along with my job, I am also associated with several other SEO projects.

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